Instruction for customers

The payment order in favour of our account in our Bank should contain the following data:

Account of Beneficiary: 332 615 001 / 2400
IBAN: CZ2724000000000332615001
Beneficiary with his address: NUMIS - NUMISMATICKÝ SALON, s.r.o., Severozápadní III./311, Praha 4, CZ
Beneficiary´s Bank: eBANKA a.s., Ovocný Trh 8, 117 19 Praha 1, Czech Republic
Intermediary Bank: via CEKOCZPP (Československá obchodní banka Praha)

The payments are to be processed through CEKOCZPP, which holds nostro-accounts for eBANKA. In the case, the CEKOCZPP won´t be mentioned in the payment order, the paid amount will not be able to be credited in favor of our account.

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